Salinger and Stevenson…

Press Representative and Former Illinois Governor

Pierre Salinger & Adlai Stevenson

Downtown Los Angeles – 1959

In his last attempt at the presidency, Stevenson ran as a candidate for the Democratic party against John F. Kennedy, who appointed Stevenson U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations after the doomed campaign effort. Salinger then became JFK’s press secretary.

Adlai & Sallinger 5x7


X-15 Rocket Plane & Scott Crossfield…

Scott Crossfield 2 x 15 rocket plane

The X-15 Rocket Plane

Los Angeles International Airport – 1959

In its initial roll out at North American Aviation.

Chief Test Pilot, Engineer,

Scott Crossfield

North American Aviation – Los Angeles International Airport – 1959

Seen here by the X-15, Crossfield started with the project from blueprint stage to the initial launch without an engine. Strapped to the belly of a B-52 mothership, Crossfield manned the X-15 as it was dropped from an altitude of 30,000 feet above Edward’s Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert for an historic dead stick landing.

Scott Crossfield 1

Frank McGee…

NBC Reporter

Frank McGee

Florida – Circa 1957

The native Oklahoman correspondent received national recognition during the Freedom March in Mississippi, seen here waiting for the Vanguard missile shot countdown in a news vehicle at Cape Canaveral. He later became host of THE TODAY SHOW.

Frank McGee 5x7


President of Indonesia 1945-1967

Achmed Sukarno

Burbank, California – 1961

Inspecting U.S. military turboprop aircraft at Lockheed during a tour.


Rebellious World War II Ace…

Pappy Boyington

Los Angeles – 1959

Boyington led the Flying Tiger Squadron Pacific Theater, authored Baa Baa Blacksheep- depicting stories of his squadron; tales of heroism surrounding a band of misfits and renegades. Seen here on a book tour.

Pappy Boyington 5x7


Former President

Dwight D. Eisenhower

California – 1961

Seen here at a Pamona, California train stop en-route to Palm Springs and

Eisenhower 5x7

Margaret Mead…

Margaret Mead

Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel – 1961

The prominent U.S. Anthropologist, Psychologist & Author during promotional tour for a new book.

Margaret Mead