Maurice Chevalier…

Personification of French Charm- A Legend

Maurice Chevalier


Maurice Chevalier 5x7

He began at an early age as an acrobat. A physical problem forced him to explore other areas, leading to his inimitable jaunty style, thte cocked straw hat becoming his trademark. He spent his life in performing arts delighting men and women alike the world over with songs that remain fond memories: Thank Heaven for Little Girls, Mimi, I’m Glad I’m Not Young Anymore, and many others. Performing in a one man show at the Greek Theatre, he opened to rave reviews.

During this period the evolution of TV news management began expanding. Demands on people who gathered the news became oriented toward academia. No one was being hired without a journalism degree. This brought people into the field without background in reality or historical wisdom. Newsreel cameramen with worldwide knowledge had been the reporters, photojournalists, for the infant medium.

One such 30 year old reporter was assigned to work with me and the soundman on this story. He was an educator, had a degree in journalism and no practical experience. He spent his life in schools. We met him in the empty parking lot. While he went off to locate Chevalier, Ted and I found a beat-up piano backstage where we could seat Chevalier at the keyboard for the interview. When the reporter returned he asked what we knew about Chevalier. Not only was he star struck, he was totally unprepared. I gave him notes I had put together.

Chevalier seemed weary. The reporter’s ineptitude didn’t help.


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