The End of the World, 2 Artists…

Renowned Artist

Niki de Saint Phalle

Westwood, California 1962

Renowned French sculptor and painter in front of one of her works on display at the Dawn Gallery. (Check out her website,  – She passed away in 2002 leaving behind incredible creations in public places, one taking 20 years to complete, worked on it until her death, a tarot card garden, very accomplished.)

2 Niki portrait v

Renowned Sculptor of Automation

Jean Tinguely

Nevada- 1962

Swiss born master of automation, seen with the horn’ of plenty, one of the components Tinguely gathered at the Flamingo Hotel then trucked out to a dry lake bed near Las Vegas. The assemblage was his interpretation of a spendthrift, all consuming, opulent society addicted to television, bent on a course of self-destruction. After mobilizing the massive work he detonates the explosives creating The End of The World for NBC’s David Brinkley’s Journal.

Jean and Niki eventually married.  Here he is working on his End of the World in the desert.

Jean and Niki eventually married. Here he is working on his End of the World in the desert.

Jean Tinguely with Niki de Saint Phalle at the dry lake walking through his collection of castoffs of humanity from junk yards and the city dump: TV set, easy chair, burgeoning refrigerator, baby buggy, shopping cart filled with beach balls, a dented water tank with a mangy tree trunk that moves obscenely in and out of the vent. Nevada – 1962

3 jean _ Nik boots

4 Jean_NIk

Jean Tinguely strategically places 50 sticks of dynamite and plastic explosives around his desert masterpiece. Nevada- 1962

5 end of the world white


Atom Bomb…

The Atom Bomb Bursts

Frenchman Flats, Nevada – 1955

Shot during a test at Frenchman Flats, Nevada. First color footage to air the same day on network TV.  (He won an award for this shot.)

atom bomb 5x7

The Atlas Missile…

The Atlas Missile

Cape Canaveral, Florida – 1957

From a distance of two miles where we bootlegged news coverage of the test. With the use of telephoto lenses, tracked the erratic 1,000 mph flight from lift-off to its destruction at 7,000 feet when it went wild. Defense Department officials classified the film as “Top Secret” after thirty million people viewed it on TV.

Atlas Missile 5x7

Prosecuting Attorney, Joe Crail…

Prosecuting Attorney

Joe Crail

Hall of Justice, Los Angeles 1960

Prosecuting Attorney for “The Trial of the Decade.” At the third trial, Dr. Bernard Finch and his mistress Carole Tregoff were found guilty of murdering Finch’s wife. Crail demanded the death sentence but lost.

3 cft trial 5x7

The Dr. and His Mistress

Dr. Bernard Finch and Carole Tregoff

Hall of Justice, Los Angeles – California, 1960

1 crail finch tregoff trial 5x7

Photographer, Max Munn Autry…


Max Munn Autry

Hollywood, California Circa 1963

Famous Hollywood glamour portrait photographer during the twenties through the sixties,at workin his Sunset Boulevard studio where hundreds of beautiful women and handsome men sat for portraits.

Max Mum Autry 5x7

Composer, Eden Abez…


Eden Abez

California 1958

Photographed at his Little Tujunga Canyon campsite residence, composed Nat King Cole’s fifties hit song “Nature Boy” and rose quickly to the top of the Vine Street music scene.

eden abez 5x7

Bob Hope…

Comedian – Another Great American Patriot

Bob Hope

Beverly Hills, California 1962

He is sizing up the audience before going to the dais with Lucille Ball, Frank Sinatra, Natalie Wood and others at the Foreign Press Awards dinner at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Hope and Ball 5x7