Ann Miller…


Ann Miller


As ageless as the spectacular stone she wore, Ann Miller, actress-singer-dancer, displays the famous Winston diamond suspended gracefully from a diamond chain around her neck. We were at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel where Henry Winston was promoting his priceless jewelry collection under heavy security.

A guard stationed outside the door to the suite searched me before entering as a still photographer was leaving. When I entered there were two more guards. No other press was there. Just the five of us. As they were on limited time and anxious to close the session, I shot a quick silent story, grabbed a few stills with my Rollei, and left. That ended the time allowed for news coverage.

The publicity firm representing Winston had sent a poop sheet to the press announcing that his multimillion-million dollar diamond would be exhibited by the vivacious and talented Ann Miller for only two hours. In those days, the desk would send us out on all kinds of stories just to fill airtime, helping publicists justify their existence. This, however, was the first P.R. stunt I covered replete with armed guards and no story. Just a beautiful woman and a man with his diamond.


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